Campaign Update (4/8/14):

Because TRUTH reigns supreme in this campaign, I wanted to personally update you on an issue that I was made aware of today. The issue has been successfully resolved with ZERO impact on our campaign. I was alerted that there was an issue with my personal voter registration in that there was no declared party. I took exception to the notion as I have been a Republican voter since returning from an assignment in Europe in 2007. I have voted the Republican ticket in every election held in my district since arriving in Tucson and plan to continue doing so. I am also a registered Republican candidate with the Federal Election Commission.

After thorough investigation by the Pima County Voter Registration Office, the issue with the party designation was discovered to have originated from an AZ DOT Motor Vehicle Division clerical error (I know, that’s NEVER happened before, right?). Further, in consulting with a Pima County attorney, we learned it in NO WAY affects our State petition signatures we’ve collected to date as the signatures have not been submitted to the AZ Secretary of State (they are not required to be filed until 5/28).

So, should you or anyone you know bring this topic to the forefront, you’ll have the explanation first hand. The current issue is, there is no issue. Move along folks, nothing to see here. Thanks for listening.